Promoting and Facilitating Agri-Business Investments

Applicant Summary/Profile

Name(s) of Applicant/Organization:
Address of Applicant/Organization
Address of Subject Property sited for agricultural purpose(s)
Email Address
Phone Number
Investor/Farmer Profile: (Indicate experiences in Farming or Industry)
Advisors and Human Resources (e.g.RADA, JAS etc):
References (for the business)
Tax Compliance Certificate

Project Summary

Company Name:
Legal Structure:
Year Incorporated:
Name and Title of Contact Person (s):
Company Strategy:
Available Markets:
Farm’s Marketing Objectives:
Market Segmentation:
Market Positioning:
Sales Strategy:
Farm/Land Size (hectare):
Farm Location:
Intended use:
Project Goals and Specific Objectives:
Expected Outcomes/Benefits:
Brief Project Description:
Project Sector:

Investment Information Sheet

Projected Capital Investment Required:
Projected Financing Plan:
Loan Request
Funding Source:
Collateral/ Security:
Name(s) of investors and Sub-borrowers:
Name(s) of main shareholder:
Historical Financial Analysis:
Current Indebtedness: