Promoting and Facilitating Agri-Business Investments

Industry Development

Agribusiness subsectors are constantly under review to identify possibilities for development and expansion of agri-business industries. To complement and stimulate growth in these targeted areas a cadre of staff, spanning the competencies of business plan development and marketing identification, will oversee the operation of specified implementable projects. Our Industry Development Officers will develop the plans, liaise with the other divisions to identify funding, and coordinate the execution of these plans.

The business approach utilized involves an assessment of the industry through consultation with stakeholders and development of a holistic plan for the total development of the industry. Based on competitiveness studies and national strategic importance there is an urgent need for further development of several industries, namely: ornamental fish, ornamental horticulture, hot pepper, honey, pineapple (and other fruits), small ruminants (sheep & goats), cassava, sorghum, sweet potato, rice and cattle.

Plans for other industries will be developed based on competitiveness studies, market research, or their strategic importance to the country e.g. for import substitution or food security.

Asset Management

In our bid to stimulate agro-investment in Jamaica, Agro-Invest extend our service to the management of privately-owned lands, to engender increased agriculture production and farm profitability. To this end we provide property management and commercial leasing.

If you are unsure of the best usage of any unused land space the Agro-Invest will guide you through the process of identifying the most suitable agricultural enterprise to invest in and aid in the development of this business. In addition to land the Agro-Invest provides other facilities geared at aiding the sector, below is a list of assets which is available for rental.

Office, Warehouse and Factory Rental

  • Warehouses
  • Processing/Post Harvest Facilities
  • Living Accommodations
  • Refrigerated Storage
  • Office Space
  • AIC Lease Application

Project Development

Agro-Invest is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and monitoring activities aimed at promoting, creating, developing and supporting viable and sustainable agricultural and agribusiness industries. The development of bankable business plans will be facilitated by us in a bid to assist small to medium sized type investors in accessing requisite funds. A part of our business facilitation services is to `walk’ the potential investor through all stages of the investment process, leading up to the implementation of the projects.  Agro-Invest provides investment advice, business counselling; technical and marketing support services; and prepares business plans and proposals for submission to the appropriate institutions to access grant, loan or venture capital funding.

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How do we assist agribusinesses?

Agro-Invest will assist agribusinesses form a solid foundation for their growth plans, by:

  • Providing other planning and project management services to define and achieve client goals
  • Providing analysis of financial and operational performance, processes and procedures
  • Building an ongoing relationship that fosters continual improvement of operations
  • Assisting with the development and execution of a Business Plan
  • Assisting with the development of a Strategic Plan

Targeted Industry

  • Aquaculture
  • Cassava
  • Cattle
  • Hot pepper
  • Honey
  • Pineapple (and Other Fruits)
  • Small Ruminants (Sheep& Goats)
  • Sorghum
  • Sweet potato

Our Responsibility

Management of State Owned Assets

Agro-Invest will manage the portfolio of investment properties previously managed by ADC. Any addition to or subtraction from the asset base and mode of operation will be based on investment decisions.

Investment Project Development

Agro-Invest will be responsible for developing and implementing the business and investment models that support the Ministry’s policy and technological initiatives, utilizing its own asset base (including the resources of the Agricultural Support Services and Productive Projects Ltd.)

Project Management

This area is more appropriately described as project incubation, in that Agro-Invest will manage investment projects until such time as they are considered to be sustainable, and can be handed over to external investors or operators

Resource Mobilization

Recognizing that most business financing models have a debt and equity component, technical expertise will be available to design loan packages, working with such local institution as the Development Bank of Jamaica and external lending agencies. The equity portion will be mobilized through leveraging the Agro-Invests assets base to secure external capital.

Investor Identification and Facilitation

Agro-Invest will identify joint venture partners through packaging of products and actively securing equity partners, both locally and internationally. Agro-Invest will also partner with Jamaica Trade & Invest in seeking joint venture partners, and assisting them in making their capital injection, optimizing any incentives that are available to foster external investment.

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