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Agro-Investment Corporation (Agro-Invest) is an agricultural investment facilitation entity arising from the closure of Agricultural Support Services Productive Projects (ASSP) and the need for a revitalization of the Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC). Cabinet in October 2008 gave approval for a merger to allow for a cohesive and supportive environment for sustainable agricultural development. However based on legal advice it was later felt that a merger was not necessary for the execution of the intended mandate of the Agro-Invest, and so a name change from The Agricultural Development Corporation Act to the Agro-Investment Corporation Act was passed on June 1, 2009. This gave birth to the Agro-Investment Corporation.

The Agriculture Development Corporation (ADC)

The ADC was established under the ADC Act of 1952 to encourage, assist and promote the development of agriculture in Jamaica. Its functions included facilitating, processing and marketing of agricultural produce through the use of lands owned by the ADC or managed on behalf of the MoAF. Over the years the Corporation has contracted its operations and now owns and manages the Amity Hall farm, Minard, New River farms and the Agricultural Marketing Corporation (AMC).

The Agricultural Support Services Productive Projects Fund Limited (ASSPPFL)


The ASSPPFL is a wholly owned Government of Jamaica company that ASSP Logowas incorporated under the Companies Act in 2001. The Company was established to mobilize and manage a pool of funds, made available by the IDB, to enhance the competitiveness of Jamaicaís agriculture in domestic and global markets. The company was established with wide ranging powers that include, inter alia, the following:

  • To receive contributions or donations of funds and resources from international or national sources and to invest such funds and resources in such projects, ventures of activities as may be determined from time to time
  • To advance or lend money for the purposes of carrying out the objects of the company
  • To provide financial assistance, as appropriate, to organizations for establishment, carrying on or expansion of development enterprises
  • To borrow or raise money (with approval of the Minister of Finance)
  • To invest the capital and funds of the company in any fixed income securities issued by the GOJ or any reputable financial institution.













The Vision is to enhance and sustain the competitiveness of the agricultural sector in the domestic and global market in an effort to achieve the food security goals.


It is the mission of the Agro-Investment Corporation to be the arm of the Ministry that will mobilize finance and facilitate investment in the agricultural sector while undertaking agricultural development for the enhancement of the economic well-being of the Jamaican people.

About Us

Agro-Investment Corporation is an agricultural investment facilitation, advisory and management company. We function as the business facilitation department within ...MORE

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